Song Lyrics

Get all of the song lyrics to Lydia’s debut album, “Calls Me Beautiful” below, you can also download her music from iTunes and Google Play.

Color Outside the Lines
How Mama Raised Me
Goodbye Box
Calls Me Beautiful
Start Now
Believe Again

Album Credits:

Acoustic: Bob Hatter, Ben Bishop
Electric: James Mitchell, Justin Weaver
Piano: Gary Sadker
Bass: Bobby King, Dow Tomlin, Scott Trayer
Drums: Rick McClure, Andy Hull, Brian Dowd
Background Vocals: Melissa DuVall
Produced by: Gary Sadker
Engineers: Cameron Rochte, Mark Moseley
Recorded at: Red Ridge Entertainment/Magenta Records, Nashville, TN
Distributed through: LAW Productions
9032 Stone Walk Place, Germantown, TN 38138