Country Music Vibe 1-27-18
by on January 27, 2018 in News

As of late, I am very impressed with Lydia Waldrop. She has matured into a great country music performer and artist. This what Country Music Vibe is all about. We take a shot on artists that we believe have potential. We give them as much room as possible to develop while, promoting them when possible. One of the things that will frustrate any fan, is waiting to see what their favorite artist will come up with next. They often get upset when they do not see a follow up to a smash hit. It leaves them guessing as to the career path that their favorite artist has decided upon. Well, guess no more my friends. Lydia Waldrop has come into her own, and she has followed up with more great songs that you just can’t afford to miss out on. Remember, do not look for a FREE purchase, go out to iTunes or Google Play,¬†and download her music today. Thank you.

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